Nobody wants to go through the misery of freezing when they'd rather be cozy and warm, or sweating when they'd rather feel the chill of perfectly controlled air conditioning.

At John Spiller AC, you can rest assured that your heating and air conditioning units are in the hands of highly trained residential system specialists. Our primary focus is on understanding the ways Tyler, Texas homeowners attain the level of indoor comfort they need most during our crazy seasonal temperature shifts.

Some of our offerings include:

With the team at John Spiller AC your disposal, you'll know you have professionals on your side whose job it is to make sure you never have to worry about heating or cooling your home.


A working AC system is absolutely necessary in Tyler Texas, where brutal temperatures and humidity scare off even the most weathered desert dwellers. The last thing you need during the middle of a heat wave is a broken air conditioner, so making sure your home AC unit is taken care of is one of your highest priorities.

Did you know that newer AC systems use far less energy than units built even as recently as the 1990s? By installing a new system, you could be cutting the costs of your utility bills by a tremendous amount and spending that money elsewhere.

At John Spiller AC, we offer a dependable 24-hour after hours service to ensure you never have to worry about a night or day without cool air. Whether you want to install a brand new Carrier air conditioning system, need scheduled maintenance on your existing AC to protect your investment, or are in desperate need of an emergency AC repair, we're here to help.


One of the best ways to save money on your cold-weather utility bills is to upgrade the heating unit of your home or business. But you can't just choose the first system you come across – you need one that fits your home specifically.

With John Spiller Air Conditioning, we'll determine the best heating system to keep your home comfortable in all weather and provide you with a range of options and benefits. Then, you get the final say on what system you believe will best match your home.

Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with our heating solutions. Whether that means rejuvenating your heating system to make it work like new or setting you up with a complete heating system renovation, we're the heating and cooling specialists you can count on in Tyler, Texas.

This Winter, don't let your family get caught in the cold. Your home heater is one of your most important investments, so make sure it's safe for the future.

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